• Only camping attendees with their own festival wristband are allowed to enter into the camping lots.
  • If you arrive with more than one vehicle, you will need to purchase an Overnight Parking Pass for the companion vehicle.
  • Trailers are not allowed in General Tent Camping.
  • No Kegs of beer.
  • No glass containers, weapons, illegal drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed.
  • No animals will be allowed in any camping lots (with the exception of approved Service Animals).
  • No ground fires or open fires (Contained fires are allowed- they must be above ground in approved grills, smokers, etc. Do not leave fires unattended).
  • One cooking appliance is allowed per campsite. PROPANE ONLY. No flammable liquids allowed. Maximum amount of propane should not exceed 20 pounds or 48 pounds of water capacity. Cooking appliances are only permitted for use from 7am – 2am (EST). Please do not leave cooking appliances unattended and do not dump hot coals on the ground or in trash barrels.
  • No flags or structures may be erected within 100’ of power lines.
  • No all-terrain vehicles, golf carts or motorized two-wheel bikes.
  • No bicycles or skateboards are allowed in the camping lots.
  • No sky lanterns, candles, fireworks or any types of explosives.


Rules for Tent Camping

  • Maximum of six (6) people permitted per campsite.
  • Once you are parked in a camping lot, you many not move your vehicle for the duration of the festival.
  • Only one car is allowed per campsite. 
  • No smoking, lighters, flammable lanterns or fires of any kind are allowed inside of tents.
  • Head in parking only. All vehicles and items must fit within their spot and not impose upon neighboring site or fire lane.

Rules for Glamping

  • Only those with Glamping passes may stay/visit in the Glamping areas. 
  • All equipment must be returned in good condition, free of all personal property and trash.
  • No smoking, lighters, flammable lanterns or fires of any kind are allowed inside of tents.
  • Your credit card will be held on file and charged if there are any damages to the Glampsite or any items within the Glampsite.
  • Bathrooms will be available to Glampers as well as shower facilities.
  • Air conditioning unites and electric outlets will be included in each Glampsite.
  • Refrigerators will not be provided.
  • Wireless Internet access will not be provided.
  • Only people with Glamping or Rental RV wristbands are allowed in the Glamping area (The Infield and Lot 8).
  • You will receive your Glampsite upon arrival and the easiest way to Glamp near your friends is to arrive together.
  • Glamping spots are 20ft X 45ft.
  • Cars will be parked in a lot nearby the Glamping area. Once you are parked in the Glamping Lot, you many not move your vehicle for the duration of the festival.
  • We are not responsible for any damage to personal property of renters. Renter shall assume responsibility for theft and vandalism of tent during the time of the rental period. Renter shall indemnify and hold us harmless from all loss resulting there of; including damages or loss caused by fire, water, theft or vandalism. This liability will not exceed the period of the Rental Agreement.


Rules for General RV Camping

  • Maximum of eight (8) people permitted per campsite.
  • All campers must be 18 years or older to camp; those under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Once you are parked in a camping lot, you many not move your vehicle (or RV) for the duration of the festival.
  • You will receive your RV campsite in order of arrival at Firefly.
  • We will provide hand washing stations, but there is no water, sewer or electric hook up for individual RV’s (with the exception of Super RV).
  • No draining of gray water or holding tank. No dumping or leaching of RV waste . An onsite RV servicing vendor will be available for a nominal fee, contact information provided upon check-in.
  • Install and maintain smoke detectors.
  • Maintain your heating and air conditioning units.
  • Never store flammable liquids under your camper.
  • Have an emergency egress plan from your RV.
  • Make sure you have a fire extinguisher available within your RV.
  • Please remember that portable generators, grills, and portable propane heaters should never be used inside or near your RV windows or vents. Should you experience symptoms of CO Poisoning such as shortness of breath, mild nausea or headaches please call 911 immediately.
  • Prohibited items list subject to change.
  • All personnel and vehicles subject to search.
  • Any decision interpreting or enforcing these policies is at the discretion of Red Frog Events and Dover International Speedway.



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