What size are camping spots?

  • General Tent Camping and Wednesday Tent Camping spots are a minimum of 10′x30′. One car is allowed in each spot. 
  • Carefree Camping and Elevated Camping spots are a minimum of 10'x15'. No cars prohibited on these spots, but each Carefree Campsite and Elevated Campsite will receive one [1] Overnight Parking spot with in and out privileges.
  • RV Spots have 25’x40’ of camping space for one (1) RV (no additional cars).
  • Basic Glamping, Infield Glamping, Peak Glamping, Premium Glamping and Guesthouse Glamping are a minimum of 20'x40' with space for a standard SUV or car. 
  • Super Group Camping is a minimum area of 8'x8' per person. No cars prohibited on these spots.
  • Group Camping is a 40'x40' tent only camping space. The group will receive overnight parking for up to six (6) vehicles with in and out privileges.
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