Is the cost of the camping pass per person or per campsite?

The price listed is the cost of the site, not the cost per person.

Camping passes must be purchased on one credit card. After your purchase, feel free to make arrangements amongst your group to split the cost.

For your reference, below is how many campers are allowed per spot:

  • Six (6) people are allowed per General Tent and Wednesday Tent spot. 
  • Eight (8) people are allowed per General RV, Wednesday RV, and Infield RV spot.
  • Two (2) people are allowed per Infield Glamping Two Person, Premium Glamping, Peak Glamping and Guesthouse Glamping.
  • Four (4) people are allowed per Basic Glamping, Infield Glamping Four Person, and Carefree Camping Tent spot. 
  • Twenty-Five (25) people are allowed per Group Camping spot. 
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