Firefly Zero Tolerance Policy

We all come for the music. That shared experience is super powerful. To make it the best fest for everyone, we have Community Standards we all agree to.

Firefly Music Festival is committed to hosting an inclusive, safe environment for all at The Woodlands. Our zero-tolerance policy was developed with attendees’ collective and individual safety and enjoyment in mind.

We welcome everyone. Firefly is an inclusive space that embraces music lovers of any race, ethnicity, color, national origin, citizenship, religion, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, pregnancy, ability, appearance.

We want to be really clear about what zero-tolerance means.  **Harassment of any kind towards anyone is not only not cool, it’s not allowed. Any attendee found to be breaking these community standards will be removed from the festival. **

Just to be extra, extra clear. Here are some Q&As. If you have further questions or ideas about how to make Firefly the inclusive, safe and community-focused festival it can be, reach out.


What kind of behaviors fall under the policy?

Anything harmful and/or non-consensual. Indirect or direct verbal harassment, bullying or intimidation, disruptive or aggressive behavior, non-consensual touching, unwelcome physical or sexual attention, following or stalking, taking harassing photos or videos, bathroom policing, tampering with your gear, belongings or person are all unwelcome at Firefly Festival and violate our community ethos and standards.


What should I do if I see or experience something?

Tell us. Right away. Even if you’re not totally sure or it seems minor, speak up. Report it to a Firefly staff member and we’ll work to make sure you are safe and that it doesn’t happen again. If someone is in a vulnerable or compromised position, stay with them and send someone for help. You can also send an alert to our team at any time by texting "Firefly" <space> Issue & Location to 69050 or emailing There are also designated spots around The Woodlands to report any incidents.


What does a best fest look like during acts?

Everyone being able to enjoy themselves without being bothered by someone, you have the freedom to dance like nobody’s watching and enjoy the music without commentary about your appearance or identity. Just because someone seems to be having a good time this does not mean that they want to have a good time with you. Personal space must be is respected. This means no pushing or shoving to get a better spot and also no one is grinding up on anyone else without full and enthusiastic consent. If you approach someone or are approached, a “thanks but no thanks” is enough to end the interaction.


What does a best fest look when I’m hanging out?

It is one where everyone feels safe and comfortable to be themselves. Unfortunately, there are people out there that are not interested in respecting you or your space, while we are working towards finding these folks before anything, we encourage you to keep your drink with you at all times and don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know and trust. Keep an eye on your friends, and have them do the same. Your friends would rather hear from you than hear from us, remind your friends to be respecting the space around them. Remember, anyone who has had too much of anything is not able to consent, so everyone should save their charms for someone in a position to consent. Respect rules The Woodlands.


What does a best fest look like while I’m camping?

Being invited into a tent is not an automatically an invitation for any type of sexual activity. No one enters your tent or sleeping area unannounced or uninvited. Even if you do invite someone into your tent you always can ask them to leave. Being invited in Your stuff is safe, you are safe. Good sleep is important to festival fun.


Do right by one another.

We’re all in this together. Thank you for taking care of yourself, each other and our community. Respect and inclusivity will help make this the best damn Firefly ever.

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